A deurmekaar round up – disclaimer – dis deurmekaar

At any given time during the day, I would be thinking of something to write about. The problem is that I never seem to remember what it was! So, in order to cover the subjects I remember (and because they’re too short to do a post about it) here is my DEURMEKAAR round up!

Healthy obsession

Since the beginning of the month I have taken the path of the seriously healthy and by seriously healthy, I mean Evox meal replacement shake for breakfast, two cups of coffee (max), Herbex tea in between, healthy leftovers from the night before or Provitas with smooth cottage cheese and something high protein for dinner. Now, this might sound like starvation, but I genuinely have not been feeling hungry at all. PLUS I’ve been saving money!! (Gotta love a double threat). 

This week I have actually started seeing results. I wanted more definition and I’m slowly seeing more definition in my legs and stomach… I should have started this sooner.

Shrek is sick

I haven’t mentioned my car, Shrek, yet. She’s a green Daewoo Matiz. Very fuel efficient but sometimes a lot temperamental. So last week this slutbag and I reversed out of our parking bays at the same time and into each other …. that’s what we’re telling the insurance company because she was just about to burst into tears about “what her boyfriend was going to do to her”… I wonder what though.. seeing as the only thing broken on her screwed up old tin bakkie was the damn break light. cry me a river

So Shrek has been taken in to the panel beaters in scumville Lansdowne (that was so scary) and now I’m cruising in a Hyundai i10 for the next week. 🙂 happy dance… and I’ve come to the conclusion that the muscle definition in my arms is courtesy a la no power steering in Shrek.

No more looking at previews

I was totally stunned by this week’s episode of the Originals… I skipped ahead to check the next episode’s trailer… and I want to die. From now on… no more previews!!!

The best bosses ever

I have to admit, I work for 2 awesome ladies. They know exactly what they want and they’re really cool about it. They’re great people too! I am one lucky girl.

The importance of a vision board

I read somewhere that constant reinforcement by means of visual stimulation of your goals can help you achieve them. I’m talking YEARS ago. I tested the theory over a 2 year period and the conclusion is that I’m very much in favor of putting up a visual representation of what I want to achieve. It has to do with the old “I’ll believe it when I see it” saying. Go a step further and where there are people in the picture enjoying a representation of your goal, take a pic of yourself and put your face on theirs. 🙂

TGIF… Am I right? Happy weekend yall!

Lastly… This is my last weekend of being 27 years young… So I will be celebrating balls to the wall … don’t know what I’ll be doing yet… but hey… all I know is that sushi is involved.

Have a good one ladies!

PS… will work for Eggs Benedict and The Bubble Tea Company tea.

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