Heaven in a bottle

I admit it… I broke the spending hiatus! But I simply couldn’t resist and because my spend was under R30, it really should be held against me… plus it is more of a necessity than a luxury.

There are 2 South African beauty brands that nobody should engage in an argument with me… those are Hey Gorgeous and Oh So Heavenly. I’ve been a supporter of OsH ever since their Lavender soaps (damn they’re still going strong). That, my friends… is 10 years ago (I think). On my 21st birthday I fell in love with their Beauty Sleep range and I still buy the pillow mist till today.

Today I bought myself one of their gems I’ve been aching to try out for a while…. I give you…. ta ta da daaaaa……

Cape Rooibos and Baobab Oil Renewing Body Wash!

OsHThis divine smelling body wash, not only cleanses you but also moisturises. You see those “layers”? They’re ribbons… that sounds cool hey?

IMG_0006 (1024x768)Anyways…

This dual purpose body wash is filled with all sorts of ingredients that feeds and nourishes your skin and when you hear Rooibos, your first connection should be ANTI-OXIDANTS (yippeee). They fight against free radicals which is one of the biggest catalysts for the aging process. I spit on you, aging!

The Baobab Oil is great for locking in moisture and added vitamins and we need all the vitamins we can get!

Once again Oh So Heavenly has superseded my expectations. I’m always astonished by how potent the smells are of the OsH body washes and how awesome my flat smells after I took a shower. This time is no different. I love the smell of it (kind of reminds me of a cocoa butter smell) and my skin feels great!

Less than R30 well spent!


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