Happy Birthday to me!

I always feel weird around the time of my birthday and the last couple of years it’s been sort of depressing really. No, not because of the age thing. Every year I look at the people attending my party and they differ so much each year that I wonder who will be around next year. In turn, this makes me wonder about the type of person I am and I end up fixating on the traits of my personality I can better.

The other day a guy told me “You’re so weird” and it wasn’t until much later that it resonated and I started to obsess about it. I analyzed it over and over and I got upset about it and then I felt better. Why? Because Yes, I am bloody well weird. If I wasn’t weird, I’d just be another faceless schmuck, trudging on through life anonymously. Then, I thought, to boost my self esteem a little, I would take a page from 10 things I hate about you but do it a little differently:

10 Things about me – love me or hate me

  1. I am not a typical 28 year old – I definitely don’t act my age.
  2. I love Spongebob Squarepants! Deal with it
  3. I talk a lot when I feel comfortable in the company I’m in and sometimes I over do it.
  4. I make weird and funny videos for competitions… and I give it lots of thought… One day I might get famous.                     
  5. I’m a great friend and I expect the same in return and I have no problem writing people off who don’t meet my friendship standards
  6. I have a tendency to get what I want… no matter what it takes.
  7. I’m pretty resilient and sometimes people think I don’t care enough, but I’ve spent too much time stressing about things I can’t control to give a damn anymore.
  8. My idea of a practical car, is one that gets me from A to B without breaking down.
  9. I like taking risks… it’s the only way to grow and experience new things
  10. I make loads of weird sound effects that Ginger has mimicked throughout our almost 5 year relationship and I get angry with him when he does it. THEY’RE MY SOUND EFFECTS DAMMIT!

So, today, on my special day, I will celebrate all the things about me that make me, me. That means a whole lot of …. you guessed it…. SPONGEBOB!! Thank you Marelize from That Cakery for this wonderful Spongebob cake!!!

PS…. I added the bottom pic because that was the pic she worked from… the result was PRETTY DAMN CLOSE – EVEN BETTER!! My Spngebob has a collar and other details that the pic doesn’t have. THAT CAKERY is SIMPLY THE FRIGGIN BEST!!!


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