StyleSociety Pop up Boutique 2013

One of my favorite fashion blogs – Style Society, is having their very own pop up sale in the V&A Waterfront on the 30th of November 2013.

Tickets cost R50 per person, which includes a gift bag, welcome drink and free access to their Styling Room – the ideal spoil for yourself or your fashionista friends.

Now, if you’ve never head of Pop-up shopping, it’s pretty simple. It’s usually pretty exclusive and it’s very trendy. It’s a once off exhibit of the trendiest items by amazing designers at a great price – miss it and you’ve missed out. That is why you need to get your tickets ASAP! I wish I could join in this Saturday, but I’ve already RSVP’ed for a wine tasting event.

If you’re keen on meeting the lovely Kumari from Style Society and see epic designers that a girl can only dream of, head on over to webtickets and book your tickets nowwww!!



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