What’s your number

If you’ve ever watched the movie “What’s your number” with super sexy Chris Evan and funny girl Anna Faris then you’ll know what I’m getting at.

The movie is about a girl who’s slept with a hang of a lot of men and when she reads an article in the Marie Claire she realizes that she is way over the national average of sexual partners (10.5).

Over the weekend, I had a little chat with someone (she who must not be named) and my jaw dropped at the amount of partners she had, especially given her age. Anyways… I tried to keep it cool… you know… despite the fact that something as personal as sleeping together should be considered sacred.

Then she told me that she cheated on her current boyfriend… like it was nothing… and she laughed about it, like she was a Sex in the City girl, out on a quest. I couldn’t help but wonder about the intensity of the matter and I started feeling sick to my stomach. “That poor guy” I thought and suddenly I had a very different attitude towards her. She showed me a pic of the hunk she banged and said “Common, you would have done the same thing”.


“Ah hem… Honey” I said, with this exact look on my face “I have morals of titanium and I’m the licensed driver of the guilt trip express…. I know exactly how my guilt would eat me up.” Then she tried to justify her actions by explaining how her boyfriend is smothering her.

tumblr_mgmlcwdF4d1s0o92ao1_500Yup… he asked her if they could maybe start looking for a flat together… after she initially clawed her way into his life as his girlfriend. He drew her a bath and lit some candles and had some champagne ready for her … all very romantic… and she’s like… YOU’RE SMOTHERING ME! I need you to leave… RIGHT NOW….

ARE YOU FCKN KIDDING MENo, I’m not a prude. In fact, had she not told me that she’d cheated on her boyfriend, I would have been pretty OK with her sexual endeavors… and to be honest I was pretty ashamed of my teeny number… that was until I looked myself in the mirror and said: “Girl, you awesome! Ain’t nobody more virgin than you!” then I felt special again. 😀

So in conclusion… it takes all kinds to make the world go round.. but don’t do it at the expense of others’ feelings. And remember that what goes around will definitely come back to bite you in the ars…enal…


5 thoughts on “What’s your number

  1. The sad thing is each person you sleep with takes a little something of you when they leave, and one day she’ll wake up and realize she doesn’t know who she is anymore because there is nothing of her left …so sad. We are meant to share those special moment s with those we love NOT lust!
    Eish! and you are awesome and amazeballs just the way you are 🙂
    x x h

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