Blendbox specials – NOT TO BE MISSED

If you haven’t heard of Blendbox yet, where have you been? Miemie Viljoen is the mastermind behind the lovely brand and she knows exactly what she does. Her Firm range has me convinced! I am actually suffering from withdrawals and I need to get my hands on a new tub asap!! I got an email from her the other day with all their specials… they’re great Xmas gifts!!

Get your hands on a full set, consisting of a scrub, body butter and body/bath oil. They are sold individually too but the set normally goes for R280 and now it’s going for R220. Blendbox has the Soft, Firm and Hatchling. I’ve tried them all and LOVE them!!

She has body butter candles too! She sells 2 for R300 (200ml each and they’re in a glass) but now it retails for R250.

The Soft Body Special – R70 for the 50ml hand cream, 50ml Body/bath oil & 100g soap – WHAT A BARGAIN!!!


  • Every Girl needs a good lip balm. Blendbox has a normal Lippie and a pink one for the more girly girl. They are going for ONLY R20 each.
  • Cuticle Balm – only R20 (I seriously need this)
  • 25ml Body butter Candles only R35 and I think this is worth looking in to!!

Please email your orders to … I just got mine in!! Oh yeah!


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