A blogger’s dream

When I started this little blog, I never expected it to be read by anyone. Then there were Tweeps that I got to meet and fellow bloggers who comment on my posts. COMMENTS ON POSTS ARE WAY UNDERRATED!! We should make a point of commenting on posts everyday!

Then came Liebster… and I got nominated… once… twice… thrice …. 4 times!! And I was like….

tumblr_mip37miw1U1rmqqbro1_250Then…. drum roll this tweet

Truth is… I’m just a normal girl… and I try to live by the words of my friend Heather De Bruin who is one of the sweetest people I know “You will get very far, by just being nice”. And Z… this was one of the nicest things and biggest honors ever! Thank you thank you thank you!

I think, at the end of the day… every blogger’s dream is to get a message like this.


11 thoughts on “A blogger’s dream

  1. Leanke you do know that I really like you too and ur blog and honestly I wish every other blogger out there was just like u. We have not yet met buy I relate to u and can’t wait to meet ya at the CPTBM 😉

    Stay sweet !!

  2. You honest , real and woman relate to u thats why we love reading ur blog.u right about comments tho.im going to comment more often now wen im on some1s blog

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