I killed Spongebob

Last week was my birthday and I have to say… The Tweeps made me feel super special! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me for my bday!! You gals are amazing!!

I really had a good time and got some amazing gifts. The best being

  • They make Spongebob biscuits!! Can you believe that? I’m hooked!!!
  • The pineapple is obvs… guess what it is… OK I’ll tell you… they’re measuring jugs for baking! Oh yeah… there gonna be some baking going to happen.
  • FACE IT stickers… they’re these super awesome stickers that you can use to make faces wherever you want. I’ve been working very sparingly with them and have only made two faces yet… one on Nexi’s cover and one on my cosmetics box…hehehehe. I love them. In fact… I will get me some more if these are finished. Why? Because they make you see faces everywhere… then you chuckle. I believe you can get your hands on a box of stickers at Big Blue in Canal Walk.
  • I’m a sucker for personal gifts and this one warmed my heart to the max (Thanks so much Melissa). She even put it in a Spongebob gift bag for me… when I got home and absorbed the gravity of the thought that went into the gift I almost cried and I sent her a message to thank her. PS… Mel… why am I always on your left? hehehehe
  • The Sandman Endless Nights – Neil Gaiman – it’s basically a compilation of short graphic novels… and … it’s… awesome. Yes… yes… that is the sound of a closet nerd you’re hearing. *Loki is the real Thor hero* *The human torch is cooler than Captain America* *

These gifts, regardless of price, were my absolute favorites. Because they came from a really really good place. See… All I want is to be understood… 😀


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