Beauty Bulletin – Shoot share and win

I’ve been a Beauty Bulletin member for just about a year now. I’ve loved every minute of it. Mostly for the opportunity to win stuff and get freebies but the more I spent time on the site, the more I fell in love with the COMMUNITY part of it.

It’s basically a special place for ladies to share beauty tips and chat a little. As I watched the other ladies’ videos I copped a tear because they perfectly articulated exactly how I felt about Beauty Bulletin.

I never made videos – EVER. I hate looking at myself and I hate the sound of my voice. Now I shoot videos on the regular and my confidence has skyrocketed – um… not that I’m full of it.

Beauty Bulletin… If you’re reading this… I hope you know that you’ve changed the lives of countless women! We owe so much to you. Thank you for the awesome prizes and give aways and we hope you grow from strength to strength.

Here’s my video. Little bit upset about it coz the stupid thing cut away the music and blonde me loaded the wrong one now I can’t load the right one… anyways


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