Worth a try

Today, I got a mail from a friend of mine that is uber into her fitness and health stuff. She also sells Herbalife products and I was skeptical at first but she convinced me to get the energy tea and the meal replacement shakes. Now, ladies… I’m not too keen on shakes… I’ve had my fair share of shakes in the passed and I’ve been duped… a lot. Nevertheless I’ve been using the shake and the tea since my birthday… so that would make it… 2 weeks now. I’ve lost 1.5 kg and on the plus side… I have so much energy. AND I’m seeing some muscle definition that I never expected to see.

Now they’re running an amazing comp over the holidays, which I think is a pretty good way to keep yourself in line over the festive season:

herbal lifeBasically if you’ve maintained your body fat % over the festive season or if you’ve lost some… you will win your share of prize cash. All you have to do is do a weigh in, buy one of the options (obvs I’m going for the R999 option) and after 31 days, go for the weigh in and if you’ve lost or maintained your body fat % you will win! The cash prize depends on the number of entries received.

For any queries or if you’d like to order, email elizabeth@truenorthaccounting.co.za I’M TOTALLY GONNA DO IT! SIX PACK HERE I COME!



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