Favourite comfort food

Well yall… I always say I’m a simple girl… and it is true for my comfort food too. You know those days when you feel like you’ve been starving for days and nothing could quiet the hunger in your belly? Oh… am I the only one?

I have 3 no fails. *Disclaimer… not for the faint of heart dieters. *

When it comes to a quick fix, this one is the winner:

Plain and simple Chicken & Cheese hot dog with mustard & Heinz Tomato Sauce. OK, there is a certain art to it. First of all – don’t compromise… serve enterprise dammit! Secondly, Heinz Tomato Sauce is the operative word. Thirdly, the viennas have to be the exact right temperature for consumption and lastly – the buns must be fresh. Other than that – there ain’t nothing to it.

2 minute noodles with the worx – Prepare your favorite variant of 2 minute noodles … these days for me, it’s the Chinese noodles that you get at China town (yummeee). Once the noodles are done add one teaspoon mayo, some mushrooms, garlic, spring onions, some sundried tomatoes and your flavour packet. And Voila! drool

When I was a child, my mom refused to buy us any chocolate spread for our bread but we’ve improvised and utilized our resources (Sis and I). We raided the kitchen cupboards and found:

  1.  1/2 a pack of tennis biscuits
  2. coco for baking
  3. marshmallows

This was all we could find that made any sense to us so we each took a cup and squished the tennis biscuits into crumbs and placed the crumbs in the bottom of the cups. Then we took the marshmallows and squished it into the cups. Then we nuked them in the microwave oven for a couple of seconds. Then we stirred vigorously until the marshmallows and cookie crumbs were mixed through. Then we added some coco. Sis added too much to hers and it was all bitter… so she had a brainwave to add syrup. Well… I can’t vouch for hers but mine tasted great… and it was totally worth the hiding we got for stealing Gran’s marshmallow tart ingredients. 😀 I took a slice of bread and TOASTED it… yummeeee! It might be psychological but this recipe brings a smile to my face and gives me a major sugar rush. We called “Koekie Marshmallow koppie




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