My favorite moments in 2013

I don’t keep up with current events – I catch my news on Twitter. So my favorite moments of 2013 are the personal happenings.

  1. The competitions that I’ve won – and man, have they been good. SpongeBob
  2. Every time I got a new twitter friend – Naeema, Amina, Heather, Irina, Telma, Maurine, Tina and the many more that I love dearly
  3. The moment I joined Hey Gorgeous. I was so proud of my sales during the first two months and not to mention the brunch we arranged. tumblr_m5464bwVFv1qihztbo1_400
  4. The moment I paid for my first holiday – hello New Years at the beach yo!
  5. My leap of faith moment when I left my job at Greenwoods into the unknown. It’s paying off so far. Not that Greenwoods was bad, but it was time for a change.
  6. When I got so many birthday wishes from my awesome Twitter friends
  7. When I bought my Elie Saab – grown up move right?
  8. When our prostitute/druggie neighbors got kicked out #silentrevenge eff yeah
  9. When my dad came out of rehab and the longer he is sober, the more he turns into the dad I have always wanted
  10. When I discovered the awesomeness of Blendbox, RAIN and Philosophia Botanica.
  11. Starting this blog tumblr_m0dpjlWlnn1rqfhi2o1_500
  12. Every time I casually mentioned a song that I like and when I got home that night, Ginger had downloaded it for me.
  13. Reaching my savings target
  14. Rob Forbes playing my song requests on 5fm… and him following me on Twitter.. bo0ya!

And I think I’ve left out plenty more, but I’m too blessed to keep track.


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