2014 New Year’s resolutions

I HATE making resolutions. Actually… I hate the part that comes after Christmas because that’s when my depression flares up. It’s almost like Boxing day sniggers and says “OK Ho… you had your fun… but it’s over now… get your ass in gear for another year” And I’m like “5 more minutes pleasssseee!” But I guess we all have to saddle up for another year of trials and tribulations as well as good times and love.

I’m scaling down the resolutions somewhat. Or should I say generalizing rather than specific (unrealistic) targets.

  1. Be kinder wherever I am
  2. Try to be the best at what I do. (This is great coz I’m crazy competitive so if I’m not the best I’ll at least be pretty darn good)
  3. Accept challenges as learning experiences instead of an uphill battle
  4. Take care of myself – by this I mean, eating healthier (which I’ve been doing for a while now), getting to bed at a decent time, taking my vitamins and cutting out negativity in my life.
  5. Being the best Maid of Honour I can be. (I’ve had a hard time with this one, but I’m really trying to give it my all now)
  6. Have more fun – doing the things I want to do
  7. Go overseas – to see Muse/Cranberries/Crystal Fighters – seeing as they will never come here.
  8. Enrich my life through learning new skills and helping others to enrich their lives too.

I’m sure I’ll manage to find some more but in my quest to be a better person and in order for me to achieve the above, I’ve decided to do a vision board and paste words and pictures that represent these points. I am of the opinion that the more you see your goals the more likely you are to achieve them.

Do yourself a favour this year and instead of just writing down your resolutions, try your serial killer hand at cutting out words and pictures out of magazines and making a fun and colorful collage of the things you would like for yourself this year.




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