Twelve days of Christmas Tag ……#bloggers

I got nominated by the lovely, humble, adorable Heather De Bruin from Femme Lifestyle whom I miss terribly for this tag… Heath… I predict some brekkie for only R20 in the near future.

I love these kinds of posts because I need a good kick in the ass to get to writing sometimes and these tags and nominations are just what I need.

The questions and answers are as follows:

1. What is your earliest Christmas memory?

Hmmmm… I was waiting around the corner for Santa to come down the chimney when my dad chased me to bed… And I remember the flashing Christmas tree lights and the real Christmas tree… ah the smell of pine…
2.What one toy/ gift can you remember through out all your Christmases?
Grrrrr… my parents where so sneaky… they disguised school stationery as gifts under the tree… we thought we had so many prezzies but in fact it was our back to school stuff.
I do remember a doll I got once… the smell of new plastic… I seem to have a thing about smells. Anyways… it wasn’t a great doll, but I liked it. It was my baby.
3. What do you/ your family usually do to celebrate Christmas? 
Lol… had a good laugh at Heather’s answer. OK.. so my parents are divorced and so is Ginger’s parents so 4 Christmas in one day is totally out of the question. So on Christmas eve my sister and I usually do some thing fun with Dad. This year we’re going bowling and then we’re eating. Then we try to do something nice for charity. This year we’re entertaining some kids at an orphanage. On Christmas, Ginger and I go to church in the morning, then we have a quick gift opening session and then we head off to my family where the magic starts. It’s usually a day long eating session with drinking and fun and games and a whole lot of shouting… actually so much shouting at each other that you’d think we’re Italian… but we’re not. You should have seen Ginger’s face the first time he saw our interactions ….
4. How many days before Christmas does your decorating start? 
As soon as possible!!! I love Christmas!!!
5. What is on your favorite Christmas menu?

Ummmm EVERYTHING!!! But I have solemnly sworn that I will not be taking part in over indulging … I got a body challenge to win after all.

6. Have you ever had a white Christmas?

U… I’m white… does that count?
7. What traditions will you continue on with your family (or future family)? 
Right now, I can’t say… I’m pretty much leading a single girl life right now and have been doing so for QUITE SOME TIME. But if I have to say… I would probably do EVERYTHING … from doing something fun with Oupa to the family shouting match with Ouma.
8.Can you name Santa’s reindeer’s names? (without googling??) 
Rudolph… done… he’s the only one that counts.
9.It’s 5am on Christmas morning where can you be found?

In bed… or this year… we’re going to try to hike up Tygerberg hills so hopefully I will be getting ready for my hike.

10. Did you ever sneak a peak at your Christmas pressies when you were younger or now? 
Well… I tried to… but the wrapping was too intricate and now I want to preserve the fun.
11.What would you love to get this year for Christmas? 
  • 6 year old me – a pony
  • 16 year old me – a scooter
  • 21 year old me – a car
  • 25 year old me – wakeboard
  • 28 year old me – in a perfect world… a blokart!

 12.What does Christmas mean to you?
There’s something so magical about Christmas and that is what I love. There’s a love in the air that you cannot feel any other time of the year. When I was a child, it was about the gifts and the food and the older I got, the less it became about receiving and more about giving and the expressions on the people’s faces when I nailed it. I love giving and I love my family. So, to me… it’s about sharing the love.
Now I would like to nominate…..
Megan Botha… aka Megzi on Beauty Bulletin from
Laura Jane from (secretly stalking her)
Telma from Glammed up Me
and… the lovely Imka from
Happy HO-liday Ho’s!!

4 thoughts on “Twelve days of Christmas Tag ……#bloggers

  1. Love ya precious Angel and yes! a brekkie for sure’s, will drop you aline after Christmas 🙂
    Awesome post hunney and yep the world is full of crazy families …tee hee
    Cheers! …hic! 😉
    x x Heath

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