My Leg challenge

I am very excited about my Summer Bod Challenge with Herbalife and have been doing so good so far. If you don’t know what this is about, basically you have to maintain your body fat % over the festive season. I went for my weigh in and my lovely friend, Elizabeth, could establish the following:

  • My body fat percentage is at 24.3% (which is on the high side of “normal”)
  • My visceral fat was at 1 (which is excellent – you should keep it as low as possible in order to avoid heart attacks)
  • Metabolic rate was that of a 29 year old (eh)
  • My bone mass was too little (can’t remember how much)
  • My weight was 54.6 kg of which only 41kg was muscle (so I need to get that up in order to get my body fat percentage down)

So, if you see Elizabeth, you’ll understand why I’m so determined to do this.


That’s her with her back to the camera. Check out those legs… and I’ve seen her in her bikini and there isn’t an ounce of cellulite on her. Oh wait here you go…

So there you go! I asked her what kind of leg exercises she does and she quite simply told me… squats and lunges. Now, for years I’ve known that these exercises were good for your legs but never have I thought it would be THAT good. Then I heard she said something about the lunge and squat challenge and my ears listened a little more carefully.

The Squat Challenge:

The lunge challenge

I’m only on day 2 and I can totally feel some change happening. What I aim to do is to go on with my gym schedule as per usual and just incorporate these moves as well. I’ve taken a before pic and if I’m happy with the end results I will post them.

I do have to say that the Herbalife products have been helping me a lot too. I was very skeptical at first but if someone like Elizabeth tells you it works… well… I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to resist trying.


2 thoughts on “My Leg challenge

  1. Wowee, u totally hav a girl crush on Elizabeth! Lol. I can see why.
    On the other hand, Herbalife is a really reallu good product. I used it regularly. It just became abit pricey for me but reading ur article makes me want to get it agen! Its depressing to see how much weight iv gained after two pregnancies in such a short period of time. (2 babies in 3 years). Herbalife is great for losing weight and for staying healthy in general.

    • HA! I won’t even deny it!!! If I was that way inclined she would be the type of girl I’d go for. But on the fitness note… definitely. I am trying to get Mumzie on it too… she needs to look after herself. Yes it’s sooooooo expensive but the benefits just outweigh the cost. Day 3 now and I did 30 lunges and 60 squats and worked it into my gym sesh! Even the instructor was like “damn girl!”

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