What a lot I got

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I, for one, have to admit, that the drinking could have definitely been less, but hey… Christmas comes but once a year!

I love my family and I love the craziness that goes hand in hand with Christmas and my family. We all try our best to make the day special. Be it with home made table settings or a really yummy entree – this all ensures that the “wow” factor is pretty much always there.

Christmas eve with Dad was also cool. We went bowling and then we went to Spur for Lupper… that’s Lunch and Supper 🙂 And… I beat Ginger at bowling… whoot!

Anyways… as they say “A picture speaks a 1000 words” and with this… I present to you..

The abundance of Spongebob merch definitely made my brand new Nine Westie even cooler than it is!

Needless to say… the chocolate mousse cake made its second appearance today in the form of pimples on my face. So, this is me…. detoxing my flabby little butt off until the weigh in!


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