Blog Challenge – Blog about someone who inspires you – Anja van der Spuy

When I saw this point of the challenge, it was a no-brainer really. The first name that came to mind was “Anja van der Spuy” from Glitz and Grammar and here’s why…

It’s not very often that someone younger than me inspires me to be a better person and to be true to myself. From following her tweets and her blog I’ve come to learn that it’s OK om jou tale te meng. That’s what being South African is all about… amongst other things of course. It’s OK to be who you are and to blog about what you want.

From meeting her I’ve learned that you should never sit still. Try as many things as possible and try to be GREAT at it. She taught me to look beyond my boxy outlook on life and extend my reach to the impossible. She is such a clever young lady with an incredibly bright future ahead of her. Not only is she super adorable, but she’s so down to earth it will make your head spin.

From reading the Burn Book, I’ve learned that it’s OK to be funny and to say what you want on YOUR blog. Forget about potential brands picking up on your blog… this is your space! I also don’t feel so bad now when I watch Mean Girls for the umpteenth time.

I have been very privileged to have met her and richer in life lessons in doing so.


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