The Body Shop – Oh I just HAD to

Next to “broke” in the dictionary is a picture of me …..IMG_0079 (1280x960)and I was PROMISED that I would get everything from my beloved Limited Edition Gingerbread range from The Body Shop for my…. effing… BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! And knowing that I could TRUST this person… I held off buying anything from the range because I didn’t want too much… I realize now that this was a big mistake… you can NEVER have too much of Body Shop.

I brought my broke ass to Canal Walk’s Body Shop and thought “Well… I do need a little something less bulky than my full sized body wash and super annoying bath sponge for my mini holz to the West Coast”. And to my horror… the Gingerbread range was totally sold out!!! So…  this is what came back home with me….

IMG_0143 (1280x960)

Gingerbread heart soap and Body Shop exfoliating gloves


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