Kitchen Tea Venue hunting – Caffe Villagio and Isabellas

My endeavors to find the perfect venue for my best friend’s kitchen tea has sent me to the heart of Durbanville – to the Durbanvillians’ (um…whatevs) best kept secret – ISABELLA’s Cake Shop.

This patisserie with swallow motifs and Victorian finishes in pink, white and black is your Paris away from Paris. Isabella’s blew our minds from the moment we entered the elevator.

IMG_0120 (1280x960)Think Queen Victoria mixed with the mad hatter and Katy Perry and you’re left with a wonderland mix of sophistication, fun and flair.

Their menu includes a variety of gourmet milkshakes, cocktails and decadent dishes – from your basic omelet to the more adventurous Oriental Breakfast Wrap. And if you’re spoiled for choice you can always opt in for a High Tea which starts from R75 upwards and includes bottomless coffee and tea of your choice. You can check out their High Tea menu here.

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Soon-to-be-step-sister Nadia from Cookies & Perfection accompanied me on my adventure yesterday and after driving around looking for Boere Sjiek and Soet Bistro (which were both closed 😦 on account of the holidays) we could definitely both agree that the double decadent french toast drenched in whipped orange mascarpone with bacon, berries and syrup was worth the rumbling tummies.

We were also surprised to find that later, they even had a wedding reception at the venue. If it’s good enough for a bride, it is most definitely good enough for a morning or afternoon of caky spoils for you and your friends.

The “oohs” and “aahs” that escaped our mouths yesterday, bore more meaning than the most impressive adjective could try and it would have been the PERFECT venue for the party if the 30 odd kitchen tea attendees would pay their own way but they won’t and I’m not Donald Trump so plan B it is.

If you haven’t heard of Caffe Villagio in Sable Square you’re missing out on great service, impressive value for money and a lovely cozy vibe that will make you feel right at home. For the smokers there’s a smoking area and the bonus? They have the most impressive breakfast for only R20! #SCORE!


Now to finalise the bachelorette party!


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