Klokkiebosch – what a treat

In an attempt to eliminate last minute back up New Years plans, I planned Ginger’s and my New Year in September already and I sussed out places along the West Coast which where affordable and OPEN during that time.

It wasn’t easy but after numerous Google attempts and loads of phone calls I finally found KLOKKIEBOSCH guest house. We scored a room for R790 per night which isn’t bad considering we’re here over the festive season and also taking into great consideration that the view we got here is so effing amazeballs.

Wessel, the manager of the guest house greeted us with open arms and kindness and while we were cooing over the lovely decor (the website doesn’t do the place any justice at all) Wessel grabbed my bags and arranged for it to be sent up to the room.

As I’m sitting here in my bed watching the sun beaming over the Atlantic and the waves crashing against the rocks I’m reminded of the beauty that nature has to offer. I was a little worried that we would not enjoy the venue. You normally check out venues online first and usually the real deal is disappointing. But this is not the case here.

I love this place! It really does help to get away from your normal surroundings.


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