Out with the old and in with the HAPPY

Up until now I’ve been blissfully ignoring the fact that there’s an entire new year ahead of us. This morning I read Lauren’s (lipglossed ninja) New years resolutions post and chuckling at it like I usually do at her posts it dawned on me that I have yet to establish, plan and execute my New Year’s plan. * eeeek *

Lauren’s 2013 resolution was quite simple… so simple it’s GENIUS! “Cut out all crap in my diet and life”. It has served her well – now 10kgs lighter, she’s happier and healthier and she’s going strong. This year her resolutions have not changed except for one addition – get active. This post was just the kick in the butt I needed to realize that 2014 is coming… whether I liked it or not.

Truth be told, this is my major hurdle ever year – getting ready for the next yearta. (Thank you Glamour Mag for the reprimanding “It’s not OK to have already decided that 2014 is so not going to be your year”.

So, Lauren, I have decided to take a page from Lauren and I’m simply put “Going to do everything that makes me happy and cut out the things that don’t”. Lauren is right… crap in your life and diet just makes things complicated and unpleasant.

So, to the 3 friends that I can always count on – Melissa, Mientjie and Elizabeth (even if one of you are going to the UK) and to the one constant and “always on my side” person (Ginger), I will invest my time in them because they’ve constantly been there for me.

In order to make it official, I made my nails do the talking. My pinky is simply one clean colour – symbolizing a clean slate for the new year. My ring finger is a light purple glitter with a butterfly on it, symbolizing the butterflies in my stomach that I still get when Ginger looks at me a certain way. My middle finger is the clean blue with pink glitter and a heart which symbolizes my love for the people who deserve it. My index finger is light purple with glitter and flowers which stands for “Stop and smell the roses” (didn’t have rose stickers). My thumb is the clean blue with gold glitter representing the sand and sea that I’m enjoying right now and that I should always try to remember this.

new years nails…. soooo

Here’s to a HAPPY new year for each of us. Yes, there may be downs and hard work ahead but we always keep going and the things that keep us going are the things that make us happy. So CUT OUT THE CRAP!



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