Celeb Breakdowns

Over the holi, I had time to watch the Katy Perry movie.. how that woman is still standing is inspiring to say the least. I cried snot en trane with her when she sobbed over a necklace that she thought she had lost (from then-hubbie Russel Brand). This was before a show and then I REALLY started sobbing when the backstagers wanted to know if she could still perform. My heart shouted “Los die arme vrou uit ffs!”.

I just want to hug her… 😦

Then, we wonder where these celebs went wrong…


Now… this may just be my anterior insular cortex functioning for the very first time (part of the brain where sympathy is made by little elves) (or….ah hem PMS) …

but I can totally understand where the gals are coming from. The mind is a fragile place and when you’ve been keeping that powerful, yet vulnerable brain of yours in tact for as long as you can remember and doing so under extreme circumstances … you’re bound to go a little mal.

Even after all the medical progress we’ve made since the friggin dark ages and torture asylums, “Talking about your feelings” is still considered (to most) as “weak”/”overreacting”/”sensitive”/”waste of time” and we keep it inside until the postman accidentally delivers the neighbour’s letter to you and he ends up beaten to death… BY YOU.

My bestie (and I promise I will stop with “bestie” after this) cleverly declared “Therapy is like a facial – you can only do so much on your own to maintain a healthy glow until the professionals need to do the rest.” and this is so true. Ice cream, booze and sushi can only serve as self-therapy for as long as the effect lasts and you can only talk yourself off the ledge so many times.

So, in light of the above… I’m cutting those celebs some slack… It happens to the best of them.


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