100 days of Happy

2013 was a tough one to say the least. Not because it was soooo horrific but because it was so freaking bland that I would have killed for some action (extremes and shit). Apart from the lack of magic, my turbulent mood swings added to frown that automatically forms when 2013 comes to mind.

It took me all of 2014 (extremes and shit) to get psyched up for the new year and accepted almost every challenge I could find…

challenge accepted

When I read the mailer from All4Woman about being happy for 100 days, I thought “Ah Poppy Cock! Who does that?!” but the more I read the more I liked the idea. 100 happy days is a challenge that you can start at any time and anywhere. Basically, you register online and tweet or email or share your “Daily happy pic” with them however you see fit (instagram, Facebook… you name it) There are obviously things you need to do in order for them to keep track of your goodies.

The purpose of the challenge is basically just for you to realize how lucky you are to be living the life you got. After the challenge you should be seeing things in a different light – be happier, you might even have fallen in love.

Whatever your motivation behind wanting to accept the 100 happy days challenge is … that’s your thing, but just remember to do it for yourself and not to compete or brag about your happy pics.

I’ve just accepted it, and I’m already looking for something that makes me super happy.

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