#CptBloggermeet – the skinny

When I paid for my ticket to join in the Bloggers Meetup in Cape Town I could not have anticipated the “WOW” factor that we experienced yesterday. Thanks to the hard work of the two dedicated ladies who made this whole thing happen – Lauren (Lipglossed Ninja) and Nicole Dirks (Budgetista Fashionista) – everyone had the best time.

In the week leading up to yesterday I read up on the venue, Shelley’s Gourmet Cafe, in the hopes that I’d be able to familiarize myself with the unknown territory that is Kloof Street (Thank you genetic “on the wrong side of the boerewors curtain navigation skills” and Google Street view πŸ˜› ) and thanks to the highlights in my hair, it wasn’t totally awkward when I asked the cutie at the Wakaberry right next door “Um scuze me? Where’s Shelley’s?” when the Shelley’s sign was in clear view … focus on my pretty shoes.

How would I describe Shelley’s? In a word? OK, maybe two – Mischievously Eclectic. There was just the right amount of playful eccentricity that made you believe that the Mad Hatter would jump out at any moment from behind the red avant-garde chair with a wooden Springbok head yelling “Let’s watch the next episode of Modern Family!”. The visual intrigue of the venue would keep me up all night, simply because it is so genius how it all fits together perfectly and seemingly effortlessly. It looks like Gran’s house with the wooden floors, high ceilings and rickety front gate got slapped by Valentines day, Mothers’ day, England and Ideas Magazine.

The eats where just divine, with de-crusted egg mayo sandwiches, quiches, smoked chicken macro canapes and (the best of course) red velvet cupcakes, chocolate brownies and a wonderfully decorated chocolate cake. My heart was racing from the sudden sugar fill (I was chased out of the house by my bride-friend for wedding duty at 7:30 and had to ditch the brekkie shake)

In the next couple of days I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for pics of the event… see, my little Canon didn’t want to fire so much. I think the heat got to her, but at least I got to take some pics and here they are … in slide show πŸ˜€

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I knew there would be goodie bags but Lauren and Nicole far exceeded my expectations and I’ll try my best to list everything we got. So now I have tons to write about… because it’s only the right thing to do after not having to buy ANYTHING for the next year!

All the girls there yesterday:

Alice Fick AliceFick http://lipglossismydrug.blogspot.com
Amina Ebrahim amina14 http://theallseeinglens.blogspot.com
Aneesa Lockhat TheGlamLocket www.theglamlocket.com
Anja Van Der Spuy AnjaWintour www.glitzandgrammar.co.za
Bronwyn Hoedemaker MotherCityMom www.mothercitymom.co.za
ChantalΒ  Blows ChanniChic http://channichic.blogspot.com
Charlene Smith Gee_Whiskers www.geewhiskers.com
Charlene van der Westhuizen MsCharlieW www.prettypleasecharlie.blogspot.com
Wendy Scholtz WendyLynn_S http://portaltoneverland.wordpress.com
Fatima Khan-Wise MeMrsMee www.memrsme.com
Fi Fitzpatrick PoutPerfection www.poutperfection.com
Heather de Bruin HeatherDeBruin www.femmelifestyle.co.za
Iptishaam Davids STITCHEDmyblog http://stitchedtheblog.blogspot.com
Jade Robertson _Just_Jade_Blog www.justjadeblog.wordpress.com
Jennifer Moss PinkerJen www.pinkerjen.com
Kashiefa Pietersen LilyStormBlog www.lilystorm.co.za
Laura Jane van Laeren WhimsyIsForever www.whimsyisforever.com
Lauren Chowles OmniVogue www.omnivogue.co.za
Lauren Groenewald Lauren_RSA www.lipglossedninja.co.za
Leana Henke LeanaHenke www.heygorgeoussa.wordpress.com
Lisa-Jade Thompson LisaJadeT http://voodoochildlaw.blogspot.com
Melissa Botha melissabotha http://livefashionlovelife.blogspot.com
Naeemah Ajam NaeemoSupremo http://ohitsajamjar.blogspot.com
Namreen Sonday 220779 (Namu) http://namusnarratives.blogspot.com
Nicola George nicolageorge http://wotsforlunchblog.com
Nicole Dirks NicoleDirks http://budgetistafashionista.wordpress.com
Rushda Behardien rubereloaded www.rubescloset.com
Siyaam Ally SimplySiyaam www.simplysiyaam.com
Tasneem Jaffer tazekins www.blogrepublic.co.za
Telma Farrusco telmaglammedup http://telmasimplelovesblog.wordpress.com
Coral Leigh CupcakeMummy www.cupcakemummy.com

Do check them out when you have a moment πŸ™‚

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