I hate to brag but…

I’m a damn good friend. I’ve spent a lot of my down time figuring out how to use Microsoft Paint and looking for awesome invitation templates. I wanted something that the girls could keep as a memento. So I give you exhibit A – the FIRST bachelorette party – the Red Bus tour with City Sightseeing. I bought these super cute lanyards at Merrypak – 10 for R40 and I’m just going to get them the plastic sleeve thingy with it to put the VIP pass in and VOILA! Bachelorette VIP pass invite sorted and the whole invite would have cost me about R9.00 damn I'm a good friend


Now for the SECOND part of her bachelorette… I give you exhibit B… THE AFTER PARTY


To top it all off, they will each get a goodie bag upon arrival which will contain the following:

  • a Hens night sash
  • a penis straw
  • a set of rules to our Hens night game
  • a Hens night badge
  • a couple of wet wipes (don’t ask)
  • a Bug shot (daai botteltjie)
  • a Nestle mini Bar One
  • Bioplus energy boost sachet

I hope one day I’ll have someone who will help to make my bachelorette party this special 😉

Needless to say… I’ll be pretty darn broke after this 😦


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