And the Best body scrub #CPTBloggermeet Glammy goes to……

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever #CPTBloggermeet Glammy Awards. Here’s your ho(st) Taylor-moving-along-Swift-ly.

“OMG you guys, it is such an honour…. to like… be here… And I really hope you enjoy the awards! I’ve always wanted …. to like…. be part of the Glammies… but I’m so pre-occupied with… like… my many boyfriends… so I hope I can get through this. First up…is the #CPTBloggermeet Glammy for the best body scrub. And the nominees are:

  • Cinderella’s Secret
  • Caribbean Tan

And the winner is…….



We got one of these scrubs in our goodie bags at the CPTBloggermeet and when I saw this, it made my LIFE! (OK I’m not that pathetic) This is seriously one of my favourite body scrubs and they retail for only R50 at Clicks or try Rubybox every now and then when they have specials. I don’t have to tell you how good coconut smells but did you know how amazing it is for your skin? It’s pretty damn awesome – It cured my eczema! Besides the obvious good smell and healing properties it also helps to exfoliate the skin before applying self tanner and as we’ve all experienced before – blotchy self-tan spots are pretty easy to accomplish and are NOT attractive at all.

Cinderella’s Secret scrub is also not bad, but it is no SECRET … I prefer a more abrasive scrub and sadly Cinderella is no abrasive step sister. It’s more of a sweet smelling gentle touch for a sun burnt skin – special in its own way.

This round goes to the Jamaicans, I’m afraid.


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