Beefcakes Cape Town …. Oh honey! It’s beautiful!

When I first heard of Beefcakes and the type of “jol” it is, I said “Oh my Lady Gaga! I have to go there as soon as possible!” This was well over a year ago and I’m ashamed that I “used” my best friend’s birthday as an excuse to go to this fine establishment. So… again with my “wrong side of the boereworsgordyn navigation skills” I Google mapped my way to my final destination (O_O) and went through the menu so I could make sure I have enough moola on me… I should have brought more….

Parking is pretty simple – we had front door parking but it was kind of expensive (R25 up). We were welcomed by a platoon of muscled pretty boys that were so beautiful, that I couldn’t look them in the eyes… it hurt. Which says a lot… coz I am still wearing my relationship goggles which means I’m usually oblivious to handsome, muscled youngins…

From the website I knew to expect black, white and pink decor and maybe a Marilyn Monroe portrait somewhere but the pink flamingos were a special kind of special. The glitter cabaret hats on the tables were so cool and it served us well as a prop for photos too.

Our waiter, who’s name escapes me now, (but who’s name as far as I was concerned was “sexy pants”), was the kindest, sweetest thing ever, and because I was sober the entire night, I realized that I was the “dirty old man” at the local Teasers…. It’s a slippery slope, I tell you.

But… the real reason for me wanting to finally see what the fuss is about, was the drag show. I LOVE drag shows. My uncle is gay and does shows like these from time to time as a gag (but at the Baxter) and I absolutely love them. I thought it was about time to hear a queen tell it like it is ….. and Princess Pop does not disappoint.

Ah! Those legs…. I’d kill for those legs!!! And she sang like Rihanna!!! In fact… she made me want to sharpen up my womanity somewhat, because those pink glitter lips of hers was way more than I could muster up for the night.

It was certainly a night to remember and I would go back in a heartbeat. I’d have to say that the highlight (besides Princess Pop) was when the guys took off their shirts (holy mother of Madonna) and the body shots started comin’ and ol’ Lady Drunk and Horny, out for a night with the gals, decided it would be a great idea to get on top of the poor guy giving the body shot. Besides looking like a fool, she broke the table….

They take awesome pics of everyone each night and they post it on Facebook.

Check out their site here.

Follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page…. and um… for a second today I was wiping the (drool) aftermath of my Beefcakes hunks perving session off my keyboard…. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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