boskke Ceramic Sky Planter – #CPTBloggermeet

At the Bloggers Meet the other day there were a bunch of prizes up for grabs – so many that each of the 31 bloggers there won something!!!! THANK YOU SPONSORS!

I was the lucky winner of a boskke Ceramic Sky Planter. But to be honest, I am to plants what kryptonite is to Superman #nerdreference nerd five! So I gifted it to my dearest Ginger because he can remember to water the plants.

Sadly, because my flat (nicknamed Tiny Temper) has no balcony and absolutely no space for a mouse to poop we weren’t able to use our planter yet, but I did have a photo shoot with it (and by photo shoot, I mean one photo).IMG_0003 (1280x960)

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