Storyderm – cloth masks are the way to go! #CPTBloggermeet

Guys… there are just so many things I have to work through in order to see the bottom of my awesome Cape Town Bloggers Meet goodie bag. Seriously, the swag was magnificent and I’m honestly SET to go for the next couple months. need more shelves in bathroom

Before the most glorious of glorious goodie bags I’ve only seen pictures of cloth facial masks. Not only were our gifted masks of the cloth kind… no sir, they were STORYDERM facial masks which were sponsored by Cherryink ( – site under construction at the moment). I wasn’t too keen on looking like a serial killer from the 80s but then I thought it would be a hoot to see Ginger jump up while manning kitchen utensils… and so I used the Storyderm Rejuvenation Anti-Aging facial mask…..

IMG_0126 (1280x960)I must say… after considering the pros of the cloth facial mask, I’ve decided that I will NEVER use anything else again. The reasons:

  • They are totally reusable
  • Because it covers your face, your skin heats up, which means your pores open up and your skin is able to absorb the goodies in the mask easier.
  • They are not messy like conventional masks
  • And you can simply take the cloth off and you’re done… no mess no fuss

So, taking this into consideration, I’m really keen on trying Cherryink. Here is more information on them – Click here.

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