Can’t we all just get along?

Helen Zille

Helen Zille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stay out of the media as far as possible, but this doesn’t make me aloof or ignorant about what I need to know. As far as my political stance is concerned – I believe that politicians should be kept on their toes. Comfortable ruling parties become arrogant and forgetful of their purpose and I’m sorry to say that South Africa ONLY has the DA to go up against the ANC. But this isn’t a political rally – merely me trying to put an “every person spin” on the Ramphele/Helen Z thing.

So here’s the deal. You’ve been friends with someone for quite some time and you’ve been fighting against the same bullies but have had no success on your own. Then, you decide, “Hey! Let’s join forces for the better good!”. Then your friend pulls down your pants in front of the entire school and everyone laughs at you while your “friend” high fives the bullies and becomes the new cool kid.

I know what you’re thinking – “This isn’t school” but is this situation any different? This is just a grown up play ground. Do you blame Helen Z for lashing out? Do you really blame Ramphele for wanting to be one of the cool kids? Just like the play ground – it’s every man for himself. If Helen wanted to join forces she should have thought her allies through properly. If Ramphele didn’t want to join forces she should have had the lady balls to say so and stopped the waste of time and voters’ optimism.

I’ve always voted for the DA and until a more viable candidate pops up, I’ll continue to vote for them. But what I want to say mostly is that I HATE that politics in South Africa is for the most part based on race. I’m not voting for the DA because Helen is white, but because out of all of the cities in SA… Cape Town IS the city that works for you. How many times do I go out partying in town to pass by a couple of EMPLOYED city workers cleaning the streets and WORKING on the roads as apposed to the dam sized potholes in Jozi. I want to continue to live in a place where I can jog at night and not take out special insurance for potholes and not put up concrete walls so high it keeps out the sun.

So, in conclusion… If I could, I would wipe South Africa’s political baggage completely clean and make everyone realise that we’re all pink on the inside… isn’t that what counts?

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