Titanic at Galileo open air cinema – #CPTBloggermeet

Galileo - stamp

I have to admit, the two tickets to any movie at the Galileo open air cinema, was certainly in my top 3 items in the Cape Town Blogger meet goodie bag.

I checked out the lineup of golden oldies and thought “Hmmm… I watched Titanic with my first boyfriend ever… I think it would be good to see it with my last boyfriend ever” * cue the aww *


So off we went to the Hillcrest Quarry with our wine, snacks and loads of excitement. The vibe was awesome and there were Sedgwick’s Old Brown girls with samples of, get this, Old Brown mixed with GINGER ALE!!! It changed my life!

There was sushi, pizza, life size Jenga and a guy with props coming around taking pics of everyone (but I opted out coz of the acne sitch I got going on). We had such a great time and watching a movie under the stars is truly magical.

Besides the whimsy of the evening and wining and dining under the stars, the movie was a real treat.


I noticed things that I didn’t see the first couple of times I ever watched the movie and when the signature “Come Josephine” scene happened, cameras were flashing.

Image from Fanpop

I was so so impressed with the entire set up – we’re never going to movie the old way again!!! Here are more pics of the lovely evening. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter at @Galileo_Cinema and check out the rest of the lineup here

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