Tried, Tested and loved – Dettol

A lot can be said about a brand that is backed by 81 years’ worth of loyal customers. I’m talking about the trusted DETTOL brand. While I’m not a Germaphobe, there’s no denying that good personal hygiene goes hand in hand with good personal health. I’m also the first to reach for my Dettol Antiseptic Liquid when I inevitably cut my finger when chopping up veggies – IT BURNS SO GOOD.

This month, I stocked up on:

  • The new improved Dettol Cool Hygiene soap
  • Dettol Active Body wash
  • Dettol Multi surface cream
  • 2 Dettol hand wash refills in Fresh and in Skincare

Dettol COOL Hygiene soap

IMG_0009 (1280x960)

Dettol – Cool Soap bar

I usually keep a soap bar on hand for when the body wash situation runs low, but my curiosity was getting the better of me and I HAD to try it out. I expected a minty fragrance because of the “Cool” label, but I was pleasantly surprised by the baby blue soap’s slightly masculine smell feathered by the slightest touch of menthol. I didn’t experience a cooling tingle on my skin (which I also expected) or dried up skin either (which normally happens to me when I try soaps that aren’t white). It’s also very reasonably priced – watch out for Clicks’ 3 for 2 specials when stocking up.

Final verdict – keep at least one bar on hand at all times. It may not be the prettiest bar of soap of all time, but it protects against every day germs and smells divine.

Dettol Hand wash

IMG_0002 (960x1280)

Dettol – Hand wash – Fresh and Skincare

Fresh – I have one hand wash in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and my kitchen hand wash is the FRESH variant of the bunch. It is citrussy which makes it the perfect kitchen hand wash. Get this – I also use it to disinfect my wooden chopping board between cutting different meats. I also have the neighbor’s cat popping in for the occasional visit and she expects to be petted… IN THE KITCHEN.

Skincare – My bathroom hand wash is the SKINCARE variant and it’s great for the bathroom because it has added moisturiser to prevent dryness. It has a lovely girly smell too.

Final verdict: I bought two refills… I think that says it all. But to convince the hard-to-please, here goes:

It’s 100% soap free, Contains moisturiser, pH balanced, Biodegradable liquid * nailed it *

Dettol Active Body wash

IMG_0010 (960x1280)

Dettol Active Body wash

You know the distinct Dettol smell? It’s very evident in this body wash. I thought that since it’s furnace level hot these days and because I’m more active, I’d give the Dettol body wash a try.

Remember – Bacteria causes all sorts of smells and because Dettol disinfects, it gets rid of bacteria that causes body odor. What makes Dettol body wash even better, is the fact that it provides you with a protective layer that fights off these little monsters while you go about doing your day to day business.

I usually go for a much more girly fragrance when it comes to body washes and the Active body wash was definitely not my normal pick, but I have NO regret. It’s very masculine and BLUE, but sometimes a girl’s gotta man up and kick some butt!


Dettol Multi Surface cream

I have to admit, as far as cleaning products go, I take the cheapest product I can get my hands on, but when I tried some weird cheap brand last month and ran out of cleaning stuff by week two, I decided to stick to a quality brand. This month I tried Dettol Multi surface cream and was really, really happy with the smell and the quality of the product. You’ll notice in my picture that it kinda looks like a super hero. I wanted to get it a green cape so it could stand on attention in my cupboard when I need to use it. (I’m weird like that).

Again, the distinctive Dettol smell is very present here and even Ginger (who’s notoriously picky about cleaning products) raved about the great smell. It’s great at removing tough grease and it leaves your surfaces shiny and clean (not to mention GERM FREE).

Final verdict – I don’t use too much and I’m sure that the bottle will last me a good while. That means – MONEY WELL SPENT.

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