Are you really helping?

If you’ve scrolled down your Facebook timeline and stumbled upon an image that upset you to your core, you would be totally justified in unfriending, unliking or even close your Facebook account until better days arrive.

In fact… I’m considering doing just that. I have unliked so many charity pages and awareness pages because of images that haunt me and it’s not that I want to live in wonderland. I know there are severe issues out there that require our attention, but how is LIKING a Facebook page really helping? Even throwing money at the problem is a better option.

Then, I found an even eviler evil… the people who you know… FRIENDS! Who take pictures of suffering around them. They post it onto Facebook and tell a sob story. My question is this “WHAT SORT OF A HUMAN BEING ARE YOU?” Have we become SO indifferent to the suffering of others and SO completely obsessed with our smartphones that we have to be the first to snap a pic and post it onto the internet?

But I’m ranting…. and I’m not supposed to rant. Instead I am posting 2 pictures I found that illustrates how I feel. They are very clever print ads – Liking isn’t helping

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5 thoughts on “Are you really helping?

  1. I agree, I am all for creating awareness about different causes. But the intention should not be to get a vocal reaction from people (“Oh wow that’s sad, gee how awful, life is cruel!”) and then coninue scrolling. But rather to encourage a response of action. Get involved in the organisations that are helping ease the suffering, donate money, sponsor a sterilisation of an animal, donate money to sponsor a guide dog’s training, buy a few packets of tinned food for an old age home, collect your children’s outgrown toys and clothes and give them to a children’s home. THAT is what should be happening!!

  2. Thanks for the comments ladies!! I agree with both of you. The pic I saw last night that upset me into tears was taken by a friend on FB. I won’t go into details, but if she’d stuck her phone aside and taken action she could have saved a dog’s life instead. 😦 unfriend – check! I support TEARS, Lucky Lucy and a few other local charities. We usually do a Christmas run and buy food and blankets and deliver them or we take the doggies for walks. Maybe I should rally up the troops and do a biiig hoo haa ! *idea*

  3. I agree totally, in fact, I don’t like- so it doesnt come up on my feed and harass my friends. It’s sensational rather than helpful- and yes I’d rather pay money to a charity or visit orphanages with my sons. That we do, and even though its more upsetting seeing things in person, at least I’m helping in a small way.


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