Victorian Garden – Rosemary and Jojoba hair Masque (with peppermint)

This week has been a “hair week” for me – I received a stunning box from John Frieda filled with products specially put together for my hair needs (which I’ll try out over the weekend)

John Frieda…… and I got a lovely tub of Victorian Gardens Rosemary and Jojoba hair masque in my Bloggers Who Bless goodie bag.

I thought I’d give my hair a much deserved break from the chemical stuff and try out the NATURAL Victorian Garden hair masque. As I’ve said, Victorian Garden is a natural skin care company – music to my ears! Given the choice between a designer brand and a natural brand, I’ll take NATCH over DESIGN any day. The reason for this, is my intrigue around the manufacturing of natural products. Here, Victorian Garden is quite unique.

They have combined the forces of biochemists, Aromatherapists and Phytotherapists to create the most awesome natural (and closest to 100% organic as possible) beauty products – straight from the GARDEN.

The Victorian Garden Jojoba hair Masque

Victorian GardenIf you’re not an herb lover, you may not like the smell, but for someone with a keen appreciation of natural products, it was a real treat for the senses as the tingle of peppermint invigorates you.

I applied a scoop (using my hands of course) of the creamy masque and worked it through my hair (which was so dry that it sucked up all the goo). I left it on for a couple of minutes before jumping into the shower and from there it was the normal “wash and condition mission”.

What you need to know about my hair: It’s highlighted and extremely dry. I go through conditioner like there’s no tomorrow and even tubs of Sunsilk hair treatments don’t last very long. I’ve invented a “hair smoothie” which consists of 4 different conditioners, hair oil and the Sunsilk treatment but even this concoction fails miserably.

After using the mask I could feel a significant difference in my hair and I noticed even that my hair stayed wet for longer. You might have heard that conditioners lock in moisture. I’m not sure how literal it can be taken or to which extreme the moisture gets locked in but as true as Bob… my hare was lekker nat.

It has now been 3 days since I used the masque and I washed my hair last night…. WITHOUT HAVING TO USE A DROP OF CONDITIONER!!! *High 5*

I always wait at least 3 weeks to see significant results though, so I’m expecting luscious locks by the time I walk down the aisle at my friend’s wedding this month.

Thank you to Heather De Bruin from Bloggers Who Bless and Victorian Garden for this amazing product! You can order yours here and also make sure you follow them on Twitter here. We also got a 20% discount voucher and I’m definitely going to take advantage of this offer and splurge on a fragrance…. YES THEY HAVE FRAGRANCES TOO!

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