Hello March

Damn you 2014!!! Why are you happening so vinnig?! We just finished off financial year end and now we’re facing a new one! Speaking of….

If there’s one thing 2014 has taught me so far, it’s that inflation and inflammation might as well be the same thing… coz it HURTS. If you’ve been wackaballed right in the (lady) nuts by this reality too, you’re probably neck deep in a wine bottle too… or maybe that’s just me. But after working out my budget over and over again and finding that there’s really nothing I can cut down on unless I say “Adios Discovery”, I took the last sip of wine from the bottle and said “Right… it’s time for a thing I like to call “Budget Living”.”

Here’s a list of things you can do to get more spend for your Rand OR make a Budget Living

  1. Get more spend for your Rand when you sign up for loyalty cards – Yeah… Oompie in the que behind you is gonna get annoyed with you scratching around in your pile of loyalty cards but I say “Hey! You wanna pay my bills? Back off man!” When you absolutely have NO money but really need that Pecan nut pie at the end of the month… that’s when those loyalty points will come in real handy.
  2. Make a budget living – Get Thrifty – I don’t think “Middle Working class SA” is completely ready for this one… the “pride” factor is totally to blame. BUT… try shopping at second hand and thrift shops. You’ll prolly have to go somewhere dodge (note to self – start upper-market thrift shop) but there are other options like the Milnerton market. Ideas Magazine gets loads of stuff there and refurbishes it… and if it’s good enough for Ideas it’s good enough for me. Plus, you’ll have a great time being creative while you refurbish your second had items. There’s a guy I know that
  3. Make a budget living – Yard sale! This typical American activity is getting increasingly popular in SA. We regularly get flyer invites to yard sales in the “Burbs”. We’ve picked up some awesome stuff too. But why not HAVE YOUR OWN YARD SALE? Got old kids’ toys that you want to get rid of? Instead of labelling them as “toys”, rather try “dog toys” and mark it down to R5 a toy – they’ll sell like HOT DOG CAKES! This way you’ll get a little something for your unwanted clutter. Also – time it for pay day. Or, try the Milnerton Market. It’s perfect for that type of thing and they get a lot of feet.
  4. Get more spend for your Rand and get creative – this applies to every facet of life. When we have limited options, we’re more likely to come up with innovative ideas in order to adapt more easily. I’ve got some awesome clothes from my skinny days and even though I’m trying very hard to get back to that, I’m kidding myself if I think I’ll ever wear them again. So, I can make an awesome shopper bag from my unwanted clothes and by doing so, I’m not only getting a cool, new, one of a kind bag, but I’m also saving 35c every time I refuse to buy a plastic bag and BIG bonus – I’m saving the planet! There are all sorts of awesome things you can do with the things you don’t use anymore – check out Twisted Sifter for some great ideas.
  5. Make a budget living and freeze the cards – literally…. Freeze them. Neat trick my friend taught me – Take an empty margarine bakkie (or any other container you’re not using anymore) and fill it with water. Then put your credit card in there and FREEZE it. So, next time you want to use your credit card, you’ll have to wait for the ice to melt, which will give you enough time to really think about your purchase. And… you can’t microwave it because it’ll damage the card. HA HA!
  6. Make a budget living and cook up a storm – Everybody suffers from “end of the month Saltycrax” syndrome, and we’re usually left with a wack of odd ingredients. Here’s what you do – head on over to http://www.supercook.com/ and type in the ingredients that you do have. The search engine will then spit out a couple of recipes that contain those ingredients. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me. At worst you’ll have to buy one or two extra ingredients but they’re usually not expensive. And if you really want to be thrifty, have a dinner party. Everyone brings something and everyone eats lekke.
  7. Get more spend for your Rand and take advantage of Groupon – Don’t be fooled, some of the deals on Groupon aren’t great bargains at all but when you find one, it’s totally worth it… Hello 2 pizzas and 2 glasses of wine for only R99!!
  8. Get more spend for your Rand and go for the specials – check out http://www.restaurantdirectory.co.za/  for a list of places and days they run specials. Ginger and I ended up trying this for our anniversary and landed on Petit Cavau – it was so affordable and we got to see a new place to celebrate our milestone.
  9. Get more spend for your Rand and actually GO to gym – The other morning I realised with shock and horror that my gym fees went up. Sacrebleu!! Yes, I go to the gym… every now and then, but it’s time to buck up and go religiously, because a hot bod doesn’t just happen …. So guess who’s going to the gym on Fridays from now on.
  10. Make a budget living by taking advantage of free offers – Oh boy… this goes against the very fabric of my being. I think it’s my “Afrikaans girl disposition”. The first free stuff I ever got made me feel so bad. Then I realised that I have the power to pay forward the good deed and so, I write about it. I also realised that free offers/stuff is one of the oldest and most effective marketing strategies.
  11. Make a budget living by saying “NO” – There’s nothing more empowering saying “No” to something that you really don’t want to do or can’t afford. Invited for drinks with the girls, but really can’t afford it? Just say no…. then go buy yourself a bottle of wine for under R30 and a chocolate and Skype or Face Time them! OK that’s bad… don’t do that. But you’re allowed to say no every once in a while. So do it.
  12. Get more spend for your Rand when you get car-wise – Ladies… those pap wiele are making  you use more petrol… and as you know, these days, petrol is as valuable as your left kidney. So pump up those tires and use less gas! And also… save the environment!!!

If you have any other tips you’d like to share, please feel free to comment below. I’d like to hear more money saving tips!!!

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