Trash the dress with Wrensch Lombard photography

Trashing the wedding dress - Wresh Lombard Photography

Trashing the dress – Wrensh Lombard Photography

Married? Not sure what to do with your wedding dress? Why not have a “Trash the dress” photoshoot?

I stumbled upon the concept of this “post wedding ritual” some time ago and my first thought was “Nooooooo!” but after seeing a friend’s pictures I’m thinking “I like this”. I might like it so much that I’d get married just to TRASH THE DRESS!

This picture was just one of the amazing photos that Wrensch Lombard photography did for them. If you’re in the market for a photographer, please check him out:


What do you think about this… would you do it?

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2 thoughts on “Trash the dress with Wrensch Lombard photography

  1. These pictures always look cool but I can’t justify it for some people however for someone that bought a dress which didn’t cost an arm and a leg, go for it… If you did, goodness me then please sell it and get some of your bankruptcy back that the wedding put you in!
    I’ve seen some crazy ones though where they’ve gone as far as actually burning the dress! ha ha insane….

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