How to use a Traffic circle – yes men… YOU!!!!

I’ve had just about enough of men who think women can’t drive. Every single issue I’ve EVER had at a traffic circle was because of a MAN. And this weekend when I was almost the victim of a road rage incident at a traffic circle I thought it is my civil duty to educate the idiots out there, who still don’t know how to use a traffic circle.

ONE – 2 cars start off at the same spot – Green and red


TWO. They both enter the circle at the same time

CAM00083Traffic circles for Dummies – the green car can take the first exit…. THE RED CAR CAN’T DO THAT!!! Consider this RULE NUMBER 1

THREE. Or Green AND Red car can both take the 2nd exit – moving in harmony….

CAM00086Traffic Circles for Dummies: This means… if you’re in the outside lane (Green car) you can take the first OR second exits ONLY!!!!

FOUR. Or Green car can take 2nd exit (or first for that matter) while Red car goes around to the 3rd exit!!!


FIVE. NO GREEN CAR…. you cannot go right f(^&$ing around jou bliksem! Why not??? Because only RED CAR CAN!!! And also… this is what’s going to happen if RED car wants to take the 2nd exit while you wanna F(&((ck off to the 3rd exit…CAM00088

So…. to summarize….


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4 thoughts on “How to use a Traffic circle – yes men… YOU!!!!

  1. This right here is why I don’t even WANT to drive, too many effing idiots on the raod who bought their license from Koos down the road while I have to struggle my damn ass off trying to get out of the yard on the day of my test. Maak my baie f888en kwaad!

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