Caffe Villagio – the cutest place ever

By now, most of you might have gathered from my tweets and constant moaning that I’m part of a wedding. To everyone whose ears have fallen victim to my self-pity, I apologise profusely and I promise I won’t belch out another horrible word about it.

One great thing that emerged from this experience, is the jewel that is “Caffe Villagio”.

Lilia, the manager, metaphorically held my hand throughout the entire kitchen tea arrangements and has graciously adapted to our tight budget. With snacks like mini wraps, meat balls and scones (amongst others), our tummies were well fed throughout the entire (2 hour) wedding shower.

The staff was also extremely sweet and helpful and so funny too. It wasn’t my first visit there and it won’t be my last either. I’m so happy that this special memory was made at Caffe Villagio.

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