Obsessed Much? House of Kallie – Coin Series


When I saw this ½ cent heart shaped ring on Superbalist I was completely in love with it. I even stared at it for a good couple of minutes… just because… and then I sent the link to Ginger and a couple of other people with a very subtle “nudge nudge” in the subject line.

Needless to say, my hints didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped but hey… a girl can only try. And so I thought “Well, I might as well spread the love and share this magical coin series with all my followers”. And then the the amazing House of Kallie peeps sent me a ½ cent heart shaped ring from this brilliant collection.

Naturally, the first thing you do when you get something as amazingly beautiful as this ring… you take pictures… duh!


And the next thing you do is… collect them all. Guess what’s on its way to me next?

earringsI am absolutely crazy over this collection. I will, however, have to find someone to make the ring a little smaller because I went and lost a whole 2 kilos in a week and a half (I’m actually not angry about it) and I’m not planning on gaining it back any time soon.

Wanna get your hands on your very own original Kallie piece? Head on over to http://www.hellopretty.co.za where there’s a wide variety of pieces for sale.


10 thoughts on “Obsessed Much? House of Kallie – Coin Series

  1. i think its the perfect excuse to pop by our studios and meet Kallie, her and i both love meeting our groupies! have a cup o coffee and have the ring re-sized, or at least get your new size and get to work on a new ring!

      • haha! im also all about girl power, im surrounded by talented , brilliant and beautiful woman who make all the jewellery, im kinda like the administrative stunt double 😉 rock on ladies and do make a plan to come round and have your ring sized, otherwise meet up with us at the Lock Stock market on a saturday, and we can get your new measurement and then post it to you 😉

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