NoMU – Sugar, spice and ALL things nice!

Nomu's Chocolate Brownie Baking kit

Nomu’s Chocolate Brownie Baking kit

Haven’t heard of NoMU yet? Don’t worry, because until Bloggers Who Bless happened, I was completely oblivious and would have thought NoMU is some sort of trending #. Heather, I thank thee, because hawt damn, I’ve been missing out!

Seriously, the array of baking kits and other kitchen necessities are endless and I found myself spending more time on their site “ooh-ing and aah-ing” over their stuff than I’ve spent on any other online store recently.

If you’re like me, and haven’t heard of NoMU, let me enlighten you. Owner, Tracy Foulkes, started NoMU in 2000 in a room of her house! She has a serious passion for cooking and spices and apparently, she’s a lot like me in the kitchen… uncomplicated!!! This is pretty clearly carried through in the range of NoMU products too.

Besides the brilliant businesswoman behind the brand (standing ovation madam), NoMU is a good guy brand too. They support African Tails and numerous other charities, they guarantee that the products are healthy and safe to use and they’re environmentally friendly too!

Now, I love EATING food… not so much making it. So, my initial thought upon receiving the voucher for one free baking kit in my Bloggers Who Bless goodie bag was “Eh”,


but boy, am I glad I redeemed that voucher?

After going back and forth between the Chocolate Brownie baking kit and the Vanilla Cookie kit, I ordered the chocolate brownie baking kit… because… IT’S CHOCOLATE…


A couple of days later, my goodies arrived right at my doorstep. When I opened my elegantly wrapped box, I found a lovely hand written note (always love these personal touches), a packet of Sweet Rub (perfect for pancakes) and my Chocolate Brownie baking kit.

I love baking kits because, let’s face it… When it comes to baking from scratch…

aint nobodyFor more info on NoMU (and please do yourself the favour and check them out) visit their site – and you can follow them on twitter – @NoMUChirps or like their Facebook page here.

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