No regrets

People say, “You regret most the things you didn’t do” and just the other day, over a discussion about what well behaved teenagers my friend (the Brain) and I were, I thought “I wish I’d done more when I was younger”.

Things I regret:

  1. I regret not telling my high school crush how I felt about him. As it turns out, he felt the same way about me. But when I finally built up the courage to tell him how I felt, he was about to get serious with another girl. Wouldn’t you know… he was being a typical Scorpio (and I was being one too) and we were both playing “Yeah I like you, but screw you, I don’t need you, but I LOVE YOU!”
  2. I regret not breaking up with my ex-boyfriend sooner. I wasted about 5 years of perfectly good youth on “being sensible” and “buying property” and “being a Stepford huisvrou” with a man 8 years my senior who only wanted a “yes dear” wife. I was an idiot! I could have been out partying, or making money overseas or just simply LIVING. One thing I DON’T regret doing – saying NO to his marriage proposal on my 21st birthday.
  3. I regret not taking more risks when I was younger. Like my friend said, “You have to do some serious sh*t for you to mess up your entire life at 16 years old”. Really, this is just a trick that parents play on their kids to lessen the chances of their kid coming home drunk.
  4. I regret not going for drumming lessons when it got offered to me – for free. I could have been an amazing drummer by now.
  5. I regret not doing extra-curricular activities in high school. I was always so drawn away from everyone – like a lone wolf. Being part of a team is awesome.
  6. I regret not being friends with Ginger in high school – things would have been very different and possibly very awesome. Yeah, we were in the same school and in the same year and we had a couple of classes together, but NEVER even a WORD!
  7. I regret not having been overseas – luckily there’s something I can do about it – it’s never too late.
  8. I regret not following my gut AND making the effort to have a career in writing. I LOVED writing in high school and even handed in extra work … for fun! If I had only honed the skill, I could have been great!

There are a BUNCH of things I also regret doing but at least I can say that I lived through it. I can never get the time back to do the things I never did. THEY (whoever they is) also say that “being grown up, is not about making the right choices – it’s about making the best of the choices you’ve made.”

OK, “THEY”, I get it. Here’s to better decision making and making the best of the bad ones I made.

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