What a weekend – LOTS OF PICTURES

Respect! Respect to anyone who’s ever had a hand in planning a wedding. Based solely on my experience as a bridesmaid I’ve concluded that there will be no white dress and chapel with hundreds of people at my wedding.

You can “wax lyrical” about what a special occasion it is, but I can already see a quick trip to the magistrate followed by a MSC cruise somewhere in my future. No mess no fuss.

That said, I haven’t had so much fun in a long time as I did this weekend at a “formal” wedding. When the formalities was dealt with and even while I did my speech (even though the nerves was shot) I had such a great time. I wish someone had recorded me because hawt damn… I think I nailed it. I got so many compliments about the speech for the rest of the night – I got them laughing and crying and then I ended it off with alcohol. If you’d like to read my speech you can click here on the —> toast for the Word format.

I realized that, YES, a wedding is about the couple in question, but it’s mostly about the friends and family that you invite to witness the union. I met some weird characters and some awesome new people, saw some crazy stuff this weekend and also got really bad ass nervous, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

We got to hang out a day before the time…

We prepped for the wedding…

And we had SUCH a party

Then we partied MORE

I’ma party animal!


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