Heaven is sold at Clicks

Oh so Heavenly is definitely one of my favourite South African brands and here’s why:

They are always evolving and while you want a “predictable and dependable” brand in your home, you also want them to change with the times. The other day when I was shopping for a baby shower (I can spend 100s of Rands on baby stuffs) I saw the OsH Mum & Cherub range for the first time. Nope, having kids is hardly a new thing, but up until a short while ago, OsH only focussed on bath and beauty products. Think about this: the women/ladies that started using OsH when the range became available at Clicks, have since turned into mommies and if they’re anything like me, they would have shown tremendous brand loyalty over the years. To top it off, this aqueous cream smells DIVINE! And, it’s not just for babies either! Use it to remove makeup, moisturise your feet or even moisturise the tips of your hair. I got this one in my Bloggers Who Bless goodie bag.


For the mums, OsH has even thought of those pesky stretchmarks that haunt us during pregnancy. It’s worth a try!

They keep the good and don’t tease us with “limited edition” bollie! I like to know that the products I love will be there the following month when I want to buy a top up! I was introduced to the Beauty Sleep collection when I was 21 years old and I loved it so much! Till today, I can still get my favourite pillow mist (the Beauty Sleep mist) at my nearest clicks. It’s an aromatherapy blend which consists of Lavender, Orange and Patchouli which are famous for relaxation and uplifting your mood and it really makes you sleep so much better. The mist in the picture below was sponsored in my Bloggers who Bless goodie bag.

Their products are really gentle on the skin and also kind to sensitive lady parts too. Sorry, I had to say it. I remember the days of bland baths – sis! But then came OsH 2 phase bath silk and my world changed forever.

Beauty Sleep

They offer GREAT quality for money, for example, their hand serums. Where can you find a serum for less than R30? But don’t be fooled by the price, because the serums are fantastic. A couple of squirts really soak into the skin to moisturise and rejuvenate your hands and it smells amazing!

They have the most amazing scents with the best names like “Everyday Detox” (amazing), “Girls’ best friend” and “Bye Bye Stress” and that’s not the end of it. They have something for everyone. My latest faves are the BB Beautiful moisturiser and the Radiance Boost Hand cream. If you need any motivation to venture into the OsH ranges, let it be the amazing scents. Also, try the Hoola Hands hand sanitizer! Oh my Heavenly!

Everything else

They are against the testing of animals and only use 2 animal by-products called Kanolin and Hydrolysed keratin which, I suppose, aren’t that bad. You can check out the whole story about their policy here.

What’s new?


I’m looking forward to trying these awesome body washes for myself. Just look at the lovely pink packaging!

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3 thoughts on “Heaven is sold at Clicks

  1. My gunsteling OsH room word nie meer gemaak nie – hoe durf hulle?! 😦 Het so somer terug van hul Dream Escape reeks “Sunkissed Radiance radiance boosting shimmer lotion” met so goue glans in gekoop (soortgelyk aan daai handeroom in jou foto) en die lekkerste reuk OOIT, en kon dit nooit weer kry nie. Ek’s nou op my laaste buisie 😥 Maar definitief een van my gunsteling brands!

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