Kallie Mallie

The big tragedy of the wedding weekend was that I lost my Kallie earrings. I kid you not, I actually cried (secretly, because I have a hard core façade to uphold, after all).

babyAnd as a reward for making it through the most stressful event of my life unscathed, I thought I should spoil myself with another pair of Kallie earrings.

Girls with the ability to decorate their ears with all sorts of metals, will never understand how difficult it is for us girls (with picky ears) to find affordable earrings that cause no issues. Not to mention finding something PRETTY that don’t cost an arm and a leg. So, it was love at first sight for me and the Sterling Silver Kallie earrings.

The other day, I hopped on over to the Lock Stock Market to get my ring resized with House of Kallie and also to buy a pair of replacement earrings. (I’ve grown accustomed to sporting the refurbished and revamped coins in/on/around my ears and couldn’t go another day without them).

I got to meet Mitch – the social media guy and doer of other awesome things for House of Kallie. He told me all about the brand and it was nice to actually talk to one of the people behind the brand and to get a real feel for the motivation behind the collection. I was also happy to be able to see the pieces for myself and take pics of them…

Kallie 2 Kallie 3 Kallie 4 kallie1

Over the last couple of weeks, I heard some people comment on the price of the Kallie pieces, but to be quite honest, House of Kallie’s quality is higher (and exceptionally unique) than that of the “budget lines” of Sterns or American Swiss. All of the pieces are HAND CRAFTED and what you may not know is that different metals melt and work completely differently. This is SCIENCE! Mitch said that getting certain metals together (even the pendant loops) and making sure that it doesn’t break is very difficult to do.

Also, the coins are REAL. Yes! They’re real! I know this, because as I was chatting to Mitch, one of their friends came to drop off some old coins!!! This means that your earrings/ring/pendant/cufflink is made from a semi-valuable coin – a piece of HISTORY. This tugs at my hipster heartstrings.

If you like vintage, then you’ll also like their Ohlsson’s Cape Breweries bottle cap pendant (with a coin at the back) too.

ohlssons pendant

I really loved all the pieces and I even saw Ginger’s future wedding ring (I can’t believe I just said that) – it’s a white gold ring with (I think) a bronze infused ring. I’m completely getting it wrong – so rather check it out for yourself here.

Make sure to check out http://www.hellopretty.co.za every now and then because the pieces go on sale regularly. Also follow House of Kallie on Twitter to be in the know about promos and the latest pieces!


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