Friday Song Crush – I guarantee you’ve never heard this one!

Wednesday came and my nerves for Friday Song Crush set in. Honestly, I was OUT of new songs to crush on. There’s one here and there, but I felt that the first Friday Song Crush of April should be something really fresh and new and not played dead on the radio.

So, Wednesday night this band called The StoneCoats from Mississippi followed me on Twitter and I decided to check them out. The verdict… YOWZA!!

You can listen to their songs here – I highly recommend you give it a good listen. I fell in love with the first two songs and I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times – it makes me feel like I’m in New Orleans in a bar and a couple of vampires walk in and I’m like “Get outta here, Klaus! This is MY bar, yo!”


BUT!!! The song that I feel is Friday Song Crush material is “Leave me be”. Check out the video below – I just love their stage performance and personality and Sam Reed really rocks them skinny jeans and hair – LOVE IT! They’re still very young, but I can great things happening for them really soon.

Once you’ve checked out the video, go have a listen to the studio recorded version – here. Go follow them on Twitter for updates and cool stuff! @The_StoneCoats

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