Yves Rocher Express Eye Makeup Remover – the “Use the fancies, Dammit” Challenge

Girls, if you know this mascara….


Then you’ll know what waterproof mascara really is. You’ll also know just how difficult it is to get rid of it when you want to go to bed.

In my Cape Town Bloggers meet goodie bag, I received this amazing make up remover from Yves Rocher.

CAM00270Now, I’m hardly a newbie to the brand – their fragrances have been my kryptonite for quite some time now and my most recent autonomous gift was this lovely Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur gift set (that I’m using so sparingly).

yves rocherBut I digress… So, I mentioned that the Catrice Waterproof mascara is pretty difficult to get rid of. It really lives up to its name but after one too many lashes lost and one to many panda eyed mornings, I decided to give the Yves Rocher Express eye makeup remover a go.

Firstly, the two toned liquids kept me occupied for days… it’s so fun to play with. Secondly, it’s so simple to use – Shake, squirt onto a piece of cotton wool and use to clean the eyes – DONE!

There’s no negative points with the makeup remover and it is very gentle on the eyes. Usually, it looks like I’ve contracted pink eyes after trying to rid myself of the super adhesive mascara, but now, it’s a “no mess, no fuss” deal for me. Yes, it’s a little oily, but it’s also very moisturising and I’m down with that.

I’ve spotted the Yves Rocher Soft eye makeup remover on Kalahari for an impressive R95 for a 125ml bottle. Check it out here. It’s great for those of us who wear contacts too! Make sure you follow them on twitter – @YvesRocherSA and also check out their Facebook page here. From now on, I’ll make sure that there’s an Yves Rocher makeup remover in my bathroom cabinet at all times!

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