Grammar Nazi

It has been brought to my attention that I am, in fact, a Grammar Nazi. My sister looked at my face while I was reading a very poorly composed tweet (just a bloody tweet) and said “I can see the judgement in your eyes! And that face!! You look disgusted”. To which Ginger replied “Oh, the Grammar Nazi look?”.

Last week, some of my amazing Twitter friends tweeted me some pics because it made them think of me…

grammar nazi 1 grammar nazi 2 grammar nazi

…. hie 😀

…. Guilty as charged… BUT… I’ll fess up to the fact that I’m not perfect either and when I re-read my published, flawed post, my first impulse is …

seppukuMy sister sat next to me just before I published one of my posts. Usually, my pre-post ritual consists of checking my grammar, sentence construction and spelling online. Yes, I’m THAT girl. Bored with the “Linguistics and Semantics” (to which I raised my eyebrow in astonishment) she asked “Do you REALLY  have to quadruple check all your words?”

The answer… ABSOLUTELY!! I don’t have a reason… I just HAVE to. Please make me feel better and comment below if you’re a Grammar Nazi two? (So… if the last sentence bugs you, then you have to comment)

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8 thoughts on “Grammar Nazi

  1. hahah you too funny, OK so I am NOT a Grammar Nazi , because of being Italian ( speaking it at home my and only learning English at School ( thats my excuse and i am sticking to it) , my spelling has never been fantastic nor my grammar so I know I am definitely one of the people that cause people to flip a switch on the crowd 🙂 HOWEVER in a professional setting : work related email when someone sends me short text … sms text I loose my cool so I’m a undercover email snob I suppose 🙂

  2. I most definitely am! Always have too stop myself from correcting peoples facebook quotes! 😉 (lol,just thought I’d add a bit for you there)

  3. Not a Grammar Nazi but I have learned the hard way to check all written communication. With half an H.R qualification and numerous short courses I still spell very poorly even though I read a lot. So when I write a post or any other document I spell and grammar check religiously then leave it for about half an hour to do something else. Then I read one final time before I publish, submit or mail off the document.

  4. I don’t like shorthand (a.k.a mxit language) I want to spit nails in people’s eyes when they shorthand. It takes more time for me to figure out what they’re trying to say and it hurts my eyes.

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