Crabtree & Evelyn – Lavender hand cream

In my first BWB goodie bag, I was spoiled with 2 Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams. The only other C & E product I ever owned was a lavender perfume that I won… I gave it away. So it was Karmically fated and hella funny when Ginger plundered my stash and stole the Iris variant, leaving me with a Lavender scented C & E product once more.


When body and bath shopping pops onto my ” to do” list, Crabtree & Evelyn is not on my list of shops to visit. BUT… after awarding the hand cream a fair shot, I must admit that I’m not opposed to it.

What I like about it

You can look at any one of their products and know that it’s a quality product. The quaint packaging sparks a sense of nostalgia and wholesomeness. Though I’m not overly fond of the processed smell of lavender, this hand cream hit a happy medium for me. BUT, the Iris is the nicer smelling one of the two. It’s not greasy at all and it really makes your hands feel baby soft.

What I don’t like about it

The price. 100g goes for a whopping R330, which is the main reason for my lack of C & E products. They do, however, state that the hand cream is award winning .. so, I suppose R330 for your share of an award winning product might not be THAT bad.

You can check out their online store here to check out more products. They have a free shipping promotion currently running for orders over R1000.

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