What the Elections have taught me… that I’ve forgotten

1. Our democracy is a JOKE

stop laughing2. South Africans should take an IQ test before voting

potato3. The IEC is very DEPENDENT… and CORRUPT… and they will take action against those who have committed ballot selfie crimes.

brag4. South Africans are still voting based on race????

shocked kittehKitteh not understand??!!

And, just a little foot note, it goes both ways … #justsaying. And also… Apartheid isn’t coming back!!

5. People giving each other the stink eye in the voting line because they ASSUME they know who you’ll be voting for..

you don't even know me6. The voting process SHOULD be changed. We live in a digital age after all…. I take Buzzfeed quizzes all the time… they’re ACCURATE (to a certain extent) Let’s rather NOT vote – let’s rather take a quiz. clever7. The most noise (complaints) always comes from those who didn’t cast their vote… not only are they punishing those around them, they’re insulting the great Nelson Mandela, who fought really hard to give them the RIGHT to vote. Sis! disgustedDexter is going to kill you now….

I always get excited about casting my vote, but when my rights and actions are being taken away and rendered void by the scourge that dump ballots in an abandoned park, I get KWAT … SO ENGRY! I would like to raise my cats in a democracy … a real frikkin democracy – where black cats and white cats and GINGER cats all live as equals and where the dogs don’t have to worry about getting cat clawed.

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