Révérence de Bastien – forget everything you know about pedicures… coz it’s wrong

A little while ago, I was invited to enjoy a pedicure at the One and Only Spa. But not just ANY old pedicure. I was treated to a “True pedicure” done by the mastermind behind this revolution: Mr. Bastien Gonzalez.

Despite being intimidated by his impressive resume I snapped up the opportunity because his technique and expertize not only comes highly recommended but also extends to the likes of top models like Cindy Crawford.

Let me just note here, that I was completely blown away by the One and Only. You hear stories about the exclusivity of the hotel – the setting and sophistication, the spectacular service and breath taking views, but only until you experience the full majesty of this hotel, will you truly be able to understand the meaning of the name – One and Only. It is also the only place in South Africa where the Révérence de Bastien treatments are done.

As I listened to his journey of podiatrist gone pedicure pioneer, Bastien transformed my feet from tired to fabulous, all the while performing jaw-dropping techniques that I’ve never seen a pedicurist do.

What is a True pedicure?

Based on the treatment I had and my chat with Bastien, it was evident that what he was doing, was more of a foot health concentrated treatment than a beauty treatment. The treatment of “beauty” as a health issue is becoming increasingly popular and it makes sense. Why? Because a healthy body is a beautiful body.

Bastien starts off by carefully assessing each client’s feet, instead of “conveyor belting” pedicures as if every foot was the same. The lack of foot health knowledge in pedicurists is the reason why most of us schedule monthly pedicures – wasting money, time and in some cases, doing more harm than good. “I cure the feet. When I’m done, I never want to see you again. You can maintain these results at home” he said to me. I have to say, I like the sound of not spending tons of money on pedicures every month.

The technique

In my case, there wasn’t much that Bastien needed to do, so he started by cleaning and shaping my nails. I was very impressed (the pseudo germaphobe that I am) to hear that every tool used, is carefully sterilised, hygienically packaged and sealed again. The tools are also of such a high quality that it comes with a life-time guarantee. He then buffed my nails using a tool that looks like a drill (and I almost had a mini heart attack when I saw the damn thing).

He then treated my nails with a vitamin rich cuticle treatment – Révérence de Bastien Onguent, which was also the Bazaar Beauty Awards winner of 2012 for the Best cuticle solution/oil (it smells like sweeties).

Afterwards, he got rid of a little bit of hard skin on the soles of my feet (not even worthy of being called a callus) and explained to me that there are 3 different methods of getting rid of them:

  1. With a surgical blade
  2. Soaking feet and then getting rid of calluses with a blade
  3. Peels

All of which should always be done by a professional.

He continued to massage my feet and legs (and I almost fell asleep), giving me valuable advice – before getting married, I should definitely put “nightly foot rubs” in a prenuptial agreement.

The conclusion

Bastien endured lots of negative feedback from fellow podiatrists. They called him a sell-out and said that he “watered down” their profession. I say, he’s changed the way I and many other women around the world look at pedicures and foot care in general – Thank you Bastien!

Addressing beauty issues as health issues makes more sense to me and it IS the future. Think of this: if you have your hair done for your wedding, would you have a back alley hair dresser do your hair or do you want Ted Gibson (Celeb hair stylist)? I want the best! And who better to give you a pedicure than a podiatrist?

He has spas all around the world and trains the therapists in his team to his treatment protocols and standards. His range which is especially dedicated to foot and hand care, Révérence de Bastien, is the crème de la crème of its kind and includes:

  • The Black Diamond Scrub – mineral foot exfoliator
  • Le Baume – Sensitive Feet balm (Winner of the Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys award for best foot cream)
  • Silky Talcum Powder – cool veil (my favourite)
  • Nail Brightness – Pearly Buffing cream – a grainy cream which further buffs the nails after the use of the Natural Horn Buffer)
  • Volupthe – Graceful hands delight – daily hand cream with white tea.
  • Celeste – Leg shimmer Dry oil

Check out the “Chocoholic Delight” package they have on offer now. It ends the 31st of May so … HURRY UP! It is very pricy, BUT completely worth it for a one of a kind treatment that is sought after by models and socialites around the world.

Do yourself a favour and watch this video

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